How I Used Tactical Profiles, Analysis And Expected Goals To Make More Money Than Any Premier League Tipster In The Industry

Fellow punters.

In the next few minutes I’ll reveal to you a full season of verified results that demonstrate how betting on the Premier League should be done.

At the end of the day, the English league is the most televised, most lucrative and most challenging league on the planet and punters have no idea how much that affects their results.

If you aren't thinking a few steps ahead, you'll never break the glass ceiling to profits.

Naivety leads to bankruptcy.

Something I learned quite early on in my betting career...

...Football has been life since I was a ball boy for Milwall back in ‘85.

It’s also been my sole source of income for nearly 5 years.

Since the days of polo football shirts, I have witnessed some incredible developments.

The adaption of the game has been remarkable in recent years and to keep up you have to move with the times.

Pace is now so essential in football.

You couldn’t name the world’s best slow player if I paid you in gold bars!

Teams that lack decisive pace on the break have to rely more heavily on set pieces.

A fact one should consider when weighing up potential upsets.

Liverpool have reliably given away points to sides with great set-piece acumen.

And Leicester basically won a title on the back of Mahrez and Vardy turning on the after-burners.

Both great examples of knowing when teams strengths and weaknesses outweigh their current table position.

I use these tedious observations to my advantage...

...Within the first 3 years of being a full-time punter I was walking out of Coral with over £650 a week using just £50 stakes.

It might not seem like much for those on "£50,000 salaries" but this has helped me put my son through a private football academy.

A privilege I NEVER had growing up.

But what really makes me grin ear to ear is spending my days doing what I love.

I love the thrill of watching modern-day teams perform at the peak of the game.

Nowadays, a well-balanced, cohesive team is now more important than ever.

Look at Burnley last season. Why did week after week everyone overlook them?

It’s not because of their performances or even their statistics; it’s due to the judgement of the individuals that comprise the team

Shortly, I’ll explain in more detail how I leverage these errors in judgement to my betting advantage.

But first let’s look at what kind of results my practices are producing...

With 217 points profit in the last 9 months betting, you can see this theory paying dividends.

I’ve been providing my selections to a few friends for a minimal fee.

A handful of them decided to kick off with a £250-£500 starting bank.

In the last 6 months of the 2017/2018 season, they’ve collectively averaged £1,391.45 per month with no additional deposits in their investment.

On the weekend of 13th April, West Brom (to beat Man Utd), Crystal Palace (to beat Brighton) and Newcastle (to beat Arsenal) came up trumps with odds of 4.5, 3.1 and 3.4 respectively, to generate 9 points profit in just 1 day!

How did we do that?

We analysed their respective tactical profiles and realised that even though the winners were underdogs, there was a possibility that they could exploit loopholes in opponents' formations.

That month we went on to make 32 points profit.

The above is a very good example of my Power Play system in action.

I made nearly 3 grand in 30 days with £100 level stakes.

You should’ve seen my wife’s face when I showed her our joint savings account at the start of this Summer.

It might sound shocking a first, but our numbers are all here, tracked and verified for you to see for yourself.

Use your mouse to scroll left/right and up/down the Excel sheet.


Since testing my service with my pilot group far we’ve had some promising insights:

How would you feel if you were to make thousands of pounds with us on TOP of your current earnings?

Now I told you earlier I’d give you insight into how I use people’s errors in judgement to my advantage:

Here’s the #1 mistake punters make on football:

The #1 Most Common Mistake Punters Make Is Considering Individual Talent As More Important Than A Teams Tactical Profile

You may hear of teams having “chemistry” but that’s a vague term that offers no insight into how to predict upcoming fixtures.

A teams tactical profile is a much more reliable indicator of future success.

Let's take Over/Under 2.5 goals betting for example.

How would each level of punter find such a selection.

A rookie punter will look at recent goalscoring record for either team.

A more seasoned punter would look at “EXPECTED goals” - a formula that predicts goalscoring based on on/off target shots created.

A professional punter manipulates the “EXPECTED GOALS” stats and applies it to both teams STYLE of play to pinpoint the likelihood of any given result.

Unlike other tipsters I chose my bet type based on what the data indicates

  • Fulltime Result
  • Over/Under 1.5, 2.5, 3.5
  • Halftime/Fulltime Result
  • BTTS
  • To Qualify (Cups Only)
  • Double Chance

Now the majority of selections will be either back to win or over/unders.

But I refuse to be restricted by an irrational loyalty to one particular bet type.

If the data indicates value in another market we’ll grab the opportunity with both hands.

You May Want To Know How You Can Be Included In Exploiting My Winning Results

Each morning you’ll receive the the day’s selections, so you can go about your day with your winners already in the bag.

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Now you’ve got the same opportunity to secure your family’s future.

But, be warned.

You don’t have time to dwell. Punters like you are taking advantage of this as I speak.

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Signing off.

Your friend and fellow punter,
Darren McArthy.